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Here's what's happening in Cary Senior Tech Ed:


Starting in 2024, the Town of Cary has switched to a new class reguistration system called RecTrac. You will be required to create a new userID on RecTrac to register for all classes taught in 2024 and beyond.

RecTrac Manual -Create a Logon, Search for classes, Register for classes & cancel a registration.

Go To RecTrac --> RecTrac

New classes coming to CSTE!

Electric Vehicles:                          EV Pic

     Learn all about EVs, with a focus on plug-in, all-electric cars: their advantages and limitations, what they are like to drive, costs of owning and operating, charging considerations (at home and on the road), myths and realities, future trends, and much more!

Android Phone Photos:          Andriod Phone

Today, many people take pictures with smartphones with Android being some of the more popular. This class will teach you how to take pictures with an Android phone, including the various camera settings, and options available when setting up and framing photos and videos. We will also cover, photo editing and sharing pictures with others. You will learn how to save pictures locally on your phone, synching them to the cloud and transferring them to your computer.

Virtual Reality (VR):          VR Picture

With virtual reality, enjoy playing golf with friends, explore childhood neighborhoods, do physical fitness or be a part of a monthly book club without having to leave home. This class delves into ways in which virtual reality can prove to be beneficial for seniors.