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Intro to Cary Senior Tech Ed

Intro to Cary Senior Tech Ed Welcome to our computer training program designed, authored and taught by seniors. This seminar will introduce you to our classes, workshops, and seminars as well as our volunteer instructors. We will also let you know how to schedule classes that will best fit your needs.

Apple Classes

Getting to Know Your iPhone This course will teach you how to get the most out of your Apple iPhone, including basic set up, making phone calls, and more advanced telephone features such as "Do Not Disturb" and, importantly, how to use the Find My iPhone app. Bring your iPhone along as well as your Apple ID and password.
Taking, Editing and Sharing Your iPhone/iPad Photos Over 80% of all photos are taken and stored on mobile devices. This workshop will discuss the best way to take, edit and share those digital photos on your iPhone/ iPhone. Either "iOS Basic" or "Getting to Know Your iPhone" class is a prerequisite. Bring your iPad/iPhone and learn how to take, edit and share great photos.
Introduction to iCloud iCloud is an Apple service for syncing and storing data and documents among multiple devices, including your iPad, iPhone, Macs and Windows PCs. You will be shown how to set up an account and make the best use of the service. Either "iOS-The Basics" or "Getting to Know Your iPhone" is a prerequisite. Bring your iPad and/or iPhone along with your Apple ID and password.
Make a Movie with your iPhone/iPad Would you like to make a short movie of yourself reading a bedtime story for your grandchildren? Or create a personal memoir including still photography, video, voice-over and background music? With the camera on your iPhone or iPad, and the free iMovie app, you already have the tools you need. This class may not make you Steven Spielberg, but it should get your creative juices flowing, and who knows, perhaps make you a YouTube star! Either "iOS Basic" or "Getting to Know Your iPhone" class is a prerequisite. If the iMovie app is not already on your device, download it through the App Store before coming to class.
Introduction to Macintosh Apple's Macintosh computers are popular because of their ease of use and enhanced security. You will learn: 1) the basics of the Macintosh operating system, menus, controls and settings, 2) using the included applications and 3) buying apps from the online Mac App Store, and the best ways to purchase a Mac. Bring your Mac laptop if you have one.
iOS: Going Further with Built in Apps Learn about the apps that were included with your iPhone/iPad; especially the Contacts, Calendar, Camera, Photos, and FaceTime Apps. Advanced settings will also be covered. Either "iOS Basic" or "Getting to Know Your iPhone" class is a prerequisite
iOS Basic: Introduction to iPad and iPhone This course will focus on mobile devices from Apple to illustrate their capabilities and underlying concepts. In this course you will be shown how to set up these devices and be provided with a brief overview of the many applications (apps) available including the Find My iPhone app. Bring your iPad and/or iPhone as well as your Apple ID and password.
iOS: Going Further with New Content Millions of apps and digital media items are available for your iPhone/iPad. Learn how to search and download items from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks as well as how to check out ebooks from the Wake County Public Library. Either "iOS-The Basics" or "Getting to Know Your iPhone" is a prerequisite. Bring your iPad and/or iPhone as well as your Apple ID and password.
Apple Watch This course will cover basic functions of the latest personal technology from Apple as well as helpful tips and tricks to enhance your knowledge. The course will also cover the new medical advances of the latest version which include a one lead EKG and fall detection.

Windows Classes

Beginning Computer Skills This course teaches the basics of computer operations on a Windows computer. Using the WordPad word processing program, you will learn to format text, edit, save and print as well as insert pictures into text documents. Students will create original illustrations using tools in the Paint application. Extensive practice exercises are included to help master these skills. A student Flash Drive is required.
Organize and Personalize Your Computer This course will explore the Windows 10 “Start Menu” and File Explorer. You will learn how to organize and manipulate files and folders and how to personalize your computer. We’ll change the desktop background, make the text larger, create shortcuts for the desktop and more. A Flash Drive is required.
Protecting You and Your Computer This hands-on lab class will teach you how to protect your computer from viruses, Ransomware, apply Microsoft updates, update your virus signatures, setup Windows backups for your personal data and mechanically maintain your computer for longevity. Two free utility programs, Malwarebytes & Glary Utilities, will be introduced to help you protect and manage your computer and one paid program, Acronis Cyber Protection, to shield you from Ransomware and provide full disk data backup/recovery. This class teaches intermediate to advanced techniques that everyone should know.
Intro to Microsoft Office This class will discuss basic Microsoft Office applications including: Word (word processing), Power Point (slide show presentations), and Excel (basic spreadsheets). A student Flash Drive is required (Available for $10 at the Front Desk.) You may bring your own if you prefer.
Intro to Libre Office Libre Office, available for free on the internet, is an excellent replacement for Microsoft Office. This full featured Office suite includes word processing, spreadsheet, and slide presentations and more. Although the class is taught using Windows 10, versions are available for Mac and Linux platforms and users of these systems will also benefit. A student Flash Drive is required (Available for $10 at the Front Desk.) You may bring your own if you prefer.
Excel 1 Excel is a very comprehensive and popular spreadsheet program that will help you to organize, format, and calculate numerical data. It is part of the MS Office applications suite, which you may purchase separately for use at home. This course will provide in-depth information about the functions of Excel and will explore techniques and ideas for creating Excel spreadsheets that are useful for seniors. You can record and analyze data about such diverse topics as money management, budgets, taxes, investments, bills, hobbies, and even games like Sudoku. A student Flash Drive is required.
Excel 2 Microsoft Excel is a powerful software program for summarizing and analyzing data. This course will provide information linking data, creating charts, graphs, pivot tables and summary reports from data stored in Excel. It will also provide search and analysis functions and tools that work on tables of data for generating special insights into large volumes of data. To take this course, Excel 1 is a prerequisite or are proficient with designing spreadsheets; entering and copying text, numbers and functions; formatting text, numbers and dates; creating centered headings and wrapped text; formatting cell borders and fill backgrounds. If you did not take Excel 1, the instructor will provide you with a test spreadsheet to determine if you are ready for this class.
Exploring Windows 10 This course explores the features of Windows 10 and how Windows 10 differs from previous versions of Windows. This course allows you to try out Windows 10 features in a hands-on lab environment. You will learn how to customize the Windows 10 Desktop, Start Menu, and Task Bar, and how to tailor the appearance and behavior of Windows 10 to suit your needs. Since this is an intermediate level course, students are expected to have a basic working knowledge of some version of Windows.

Google Classes

Gmail: The Basics and Beyond Explore the many features of Gmail! Discover how to format an email, organize your messages using folders (labels), generate a mail group, block a sender, add a contact, insert an emoji in your message, add an attachment, and more. Must bring Gmail password to both classes.
Google Searching and Google Apps This class will provide tips and techniques for searching the Internet such as tabbed browsing, creating bookmarks, and searching by category (images, videos, news, etc). Did you know that Google has apps like Calendar, Maps, Google Earth, Google Photos, Translate, Google Docs, Youtube and more? We will explore many of the features of these and other Google Apps.
Google Docs Learn word processing with the Google Docs, a free, powerful alternative to MS Word. Google Docs supports voice typing, online collaboration, editing MS Word documents, and more. For both word processing novices and those considering migrating to Google Docs.
Google Drive Google Drive is a free service included with a Google account. With it you can store files online with 15 gigabytes of free storage. You can access them from any device using the cloud. Google Drive includes web-based applications for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Working with others becomes much easier.
Google Earth From the comfort of your computer chair, discover travel to interesting places around the world with Google Earth software. Entertain yourself by finding your neighborhood, your home, and visiting interesting places around the world. See Mount Rushmore, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and more. Both the Google Tools version and the standalone version will be covered.
Intro to Chromebook Why Chromebook? Chromebooks are very popular laptop purchases because of their low cost, ease of use, and minimal setup and maintenance. This introductory class covers purchasing tips, what Chromebooks do well and don't, their competition, getting set up, and Chromebook addon software favorites. This class targets those considering a new or replacement Chromebook that are uncertain about what Chromebooks can do and what Chromebook hardware suffices for their needs.
AdvancedChromebook Explore Google Chromebooks' full range of capabilities in this comprehensive class targeted at existing Chromebook owners. We lightly cover purchasing strategies. In detail, we cover using the desktop including shortcuts and gestures, using the Chrome web browser, Chrome addon software, Google Drive and Google Docs, MS Office documents, recovering fouled Chromebooks, set up including printers, and running Android and Linux apps. Bring questions if you want to do more with your Chromebook but unsure how.
Using Your Android Phone Android smartphones are available from multiple manufacturers and work with all major cell phone service providers. This course will show how to set up and use these devices as well as provide a brief overview of the many applications available. Students are advised to be familiar with the basic operations of their device prior to the class. Bring your phone.

Home Technology

Buying a Computer With so many computers to choose from, come learn some valuable information about buying a computer before you spend your money! We'll describe the types of choices you have available and help you break them down into appropriate categories that meet your needs. Finally, you will walk through a decision tree to find the best solution for your needs.
Safe Computing We will discuss protecting your computer and your data from: 1)hardware threats, like electrical problems, 2)software threats, such as viruses and malicious programs, as well as 3) user threats, that is, bad choices to avoid. We will discuss data backup methods, firewalls and antiviruses.
Managing Medicare Now you can save time and money using the Medicare website and the NC Department of Insurance using your computer and getting fast results. Insurance companies change their plans and prices for services and medications annually. Learn how to find a part D plan using the Medicare website.Stay in charge of your Medicare with this class. No Flash drive needed for this class.
Cutting the Cable Are you frustrated with ever increasing cable TV bills? Have you wondered if there are ways to reduce your cable TV expense while getting the programs you want to watch? This seminar will give you some ideas on alternatives to cable TV. We will talk about over the air broadcast with antennas, smart TVs, and streaming.
Streaming TV Do you know there are many ways to connect your TV to watch Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max or YouTube on it Do you know all the many streaming services, both subscription and free? This seminar will help you understand the hardware options and the video service choices available to stream video on your TV and other devices.
Smart Home The future is focused on Smart Appliances, Smart Homes and Smart Cars. Understand how all these work. Know what questions you should ask before using them. This class will discuss the Internet of Things, what it means, what it is, and its impact on our lives going forward.
Talking to Your Electronic Devices Emerging artificial intelligence introduced the use of voice driven devices to many electronic devices as well as automobiles. While this makes these devices easier to use, many users avoid using this technology sticking with keyboard, mouse and menus to operate systems. This class will introduce you to many of these technologies and how to begin to make use of them to make life simpler. We will discuss Apple’s “SIRI”, Google’s “Hey Google”, Amazon’s “Alexa”, Microsoft’s “Cortana” and some others.
E-Books and E-Readers This seminar will talk about the most popular eReaders and eReader apps as well a typical customizations in your reader app. Books and eReaders are very popular. This seminar will talk about the most popular eReaders and eReader apps; how to purchase eBooks; how to check out eBooks from the Wake County Public Library, and the best places to get free and low-cost eBooks. Bring your eReader/app with you to the class. It will also discuss where to get EBooks for your readers.
Home Surveillance Need to monitor your home, remote property, pets or elderly relatives? This seminar describes how to set up a WiFi camera surveillance system that can be monitored from your phone, tablet or computer, receive real time alerts, live video, past events, including sound, night vision and two-way audio. Find out how easy it is to set up a low cost 1080I wireless camera in less than 20 minutes.
Digital Photography 1 Bring your camera, and learn how to use the controls and understand the terminology. Learn techniques for taking better pictures, and then upload and view them on your computer.
Digital Photography 2 Photo Enhancement and Printing: Make the best of the pictures you have taken; learn how to enhance your photos using free software (Photo Scape), and then print them. Understand some of the online photo services and how to use them. Digital Photography 1 is a prerequisite for this class.

General Technology

Overview of Social Media This seminar will give an overview of the three most popular Social Media websites that are used by seniors. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are free online sites that allow you to share info - photos, text, videos - with other people. You can tell the whole world what you want to say, or just communicate with one person. All three have easy help and support files.
Facebook Facebook allows you to keep up with all the people you care about, as well as see photos and videos of your children, grandchildren, friends and acquaintances. We’ll discuss some of the recent changes as well as how to keep your info private and secure.
Twitter Twitter is a social media app that lets you quickly send short, 280 character messages to other people in your network. Come to this class to learn about Tweets, hashtags and finding followers who are interested in what you have to say.
Controlling Your Online Identity Learn how to protect your computer from viruses and other malicious programs. You will also learn about Firewalls and other protective measures you can take to keep your computer system safe!
Media Literacy and Your Responsibility Are you frustrated or confused by the false information and the misleading statements so common on social media? How can you tell whether a statement is true or false? How can you tell the difference between disinformation or misinformation?
Working with Internet Resources IBM has provided us with an excellent presentation on how to use the resources of the Internet. Students who wish to make good use of the Internet to obtain information should find this class very useful.
Podcasts Listen to your favorite radio shows anytime and anywhere you want--FREE! This seminar will get you started on streaming or downloading podcasts recorded radio shows available for FREE subscription and download. They have limited sponsorship announcements instead of commercials like broadcast radio. Get step-by-step instructions and take home a manual so you can listen to what you want when you want--you're in control!
Publish Yourself on Amazon Kindle Whether you have written (or would like to write) a memoir, children's book, or a novel, it's free and simple to publish it in Kindle format on Amazon. This seminar shows you Amazon's free e-publishing tools and gives you the resources you need to start the journey toward being a published author! Both Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems will be covered.
Artificial Intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how is it influencing your life today? Learn what AI can do today and how it will impact our lives in the future. This is a high level non-technical overview of the field of AI, including Chatbots and Robots. You are using AI today, and don't realize it.
Cloud Computing What is the Cloud that computer users talk about and where is it? Join us to explore ways you can use Cloud Computing to store your photos, documents, music or videos without taking up space on your own computer.
Intro to Genealogy This class will demonstrate genealogy programs and software that will enable people to set up a family tree and search for other relatives using a combination of free and paid programs.
Road Tripping Take the stress out of your next road trip by using a smartphone and perhaps a computer, both before and during your trip. This class will look at Applications for planning all aspects of your drive including routes, traffic conditions, highway exit facilities. It will also look at booking accommodation and restaurants, planning your sightseeing and arranging local public transportation. You should be comfortable using any web-browser and your smartphone to benefit from this class.

Suspended Classes (e.g., Currently Insufficient Interest)

Linux Learn to reinvigorate your old desktops and laptops with Linux. Linux runs more efficiently than Windows, runs well on most hardware, it is mostly free, and offers thousands of free apps. We cover Linux distribution choices, trialing, and selecting one. Showcasing Linux Mint, a popular distribution for Windows replacements, we explore its installation, customizing its desktop, settings, finding and installing apps such as LibreOffice, updating your software, and more. If you are tech-savvy but not Linux proficient, this class is your quick start guide for running Linux. And beyond the class, we provide many references to help further your Linux exploration and keep updated.
Talking to Siri Talking to Siri, Apples Digital Assistant, on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is fun, easy and productive. Most of these functions can be used on your Android devices as well using “Hey Google”, Microsoft’s Cortana, and IBM’s Watson. Many more vendor implementations are anticipated and we will discuss a few.
Internet of Me You, your personal information and your digital reputation are important. Learn how to protect your online information for everything from passwords to your facial recognition. Keep your personal information personal. Manage and protect your passwords. Learn about 2 factor authentication, website security and Phishing attacks.
Buying a Smartphone or Tablet Thinking of buying a smartphone or tablet computer? Curious about features, costs and to what extent they can replicate what your PC or Mac does? Come learn some basic information before you buy!
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