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How to Register for CSTE Classes

Starting in 2024:

The Town of Cary has moved to a new registration system called RecTrac for all classes. All participants need to create a new Household user ID in RecTrac to sign up for any Town of Cary classes. (CSTE, exercise, sports, etc.)

NOTE: MyCary.org is no longer functional and NO data will be transferred from the old system to RecTrac.

The below steps and link will take you directly to the new RecTrac system to create your new logon ID in preparation to register for classes in 2024.
Visit RecTrac now and create your logon to register for classes.

Steps to Register for RecTrac:

CSTE class registrations are handled online by RecTrac. To register for Rectrac:

  1. Create an account at RecTrac   
  2. After filling in all the requested information, including your birth date, logon to your Email account used in registering.
  3. Open the Email from RecTrac and click on the "Verify Email" button contained in the body of the Email.
  4. You are now registered.
  5. Payment options will be requested the first time you sign up for a class. Note: At this time, there is no method to manage saved payment methods.

It is also possible to visit the front desk at the Senior Center in person
or call 919-469-4081 to register for classes.

How to find CSTE classes in RecTrac:

Avoid frustration with these tips to find our classes on RecTrac:

You can click on this link to see a full list of all our classes presently available on RecTrac:

CSTE Classes on RecTrac


You can filter the classes yourself to find CSTE classes by doing the following steps:

  1. Go to RecTrac. RecTrac and click on "Search All Activities" box in the central portion of the screen,
    click on "Search" at the top of the page, then under "Activity", click on "Activity Search"
  2. On the filters on the left, set these parameters in these categories:
    • Type   ‐"Education"
    • Subtype   ‐"Technology"
    • Location   ‐Scroll down and select: "Cary Senior Center"
  3. Click "Search" at the bottom and you will be presented by the following categories of CSTE classes.
    • Apple
    • Windows
    • Google
    • Home Technology
    • General Technology

  4. Click on any category to reveal the classes available.
  5. Then, click on any class to see the details of that class and optionally Register - "Add to Selection List" or "Add to Wishlist".
  6. Once a class has been added to your "Selection List", you must click on Add To Cart at the bottom of the page and proceed to Checkout in order to finish your registration.
  7. If you have not already logged in to RecTrac, you will be presented by a login screen requesting your USERID and Password on RecTrac.
  8. You will then be presented by classes you have added to your "LIST". You must check each class from this list to be placed in your shopping cart. If you have multiple members in your household, be sure to check each class under the correct house hold member.
  9. You will be presented by several screens for you to identify if you want any handicap assistance at class, allergies and finally a place, at the bottom, for a signature. Use your mouse or touch screen to enter your signature.
  10. Complete your checkout by paying. An electronic receipt will be sent to your registered RecTrac Email.